Ultrafiltrate Brain 300 da

Ultrafiltrate Brain 300 da
Ultra-Filtrate Cell Protein Extracts of Various Organ and Gland from Ovine or Porcine Sources in 10,000 or 300,000 Molecular Sizes. Ultrafiltrates can be given for all human organ or glandular systems including : liver, heart, lung, thymus, skin, kidney, brain, bone, etc.

The incredible benefits from stem cell Ultra-Filtrate extracts, is that it not only provides anti-inflammation effects but also improves the growth of healthy skin tissues, repairs damaged organs and glands, results in better health, more energy, and keeps a person looking younger from the inside out.

The Ultrafiltrates Stem Cells contains a number of organic and inorganic ingredients of molecular weight below 300,000 da or 10,000 da depending on product purchased. They show a characteristic distribution pattern of organic and inorganic components typical for individual organs.

The wonderful Ultrafiltrates are not drugs, therefore, there is no danger of overdosing. Ultrafiltrates are cell extracts that home into a particular tissue or organ. Since they are organ-specific, the body will only take what it needs and the excess will be dispersed harmlessly to the
rest of the body..

One of the greatest benefits Ultrafiltrates are obtained from cell extracts using the proprietary cold extraction process and had passed through a series of microfilters during the ultrafiltration process leaving only the bioactive elements.
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