ACS Silver

ACS Silver


Many forms of bacteria, virus and fungus utilize a specific enzyme for their metabolism, ACS 200 effectively disables the enzyme that is necessary for these organisms to stay alive. ACS 200 is lethal to all species tested of fungi, bacteria, protozoa and virus

“We need to lower total pathogen burden and strengthen our patient’s immunity to provide meaningful long-term benefits. Advanced Cellular Silver – ACS 200 is the most effective treatment I have discovered and the only medical silver I personally endorse in dealing with chronic infections and associated immunodeficiency.” Quote from Dr. Garry Gordon, M.D.

The History of Silver in Medicine

Silver has long been recognized in recorded history as having germicidal properties. In 69 B.C. silver nitrate was described in the contemporary pharmacopoeia. In ancient Greece, Rome, Phoenecia and Macedonia, silver was used extensively to manage many immune challenges. From the time man first learned to work with silver, he has known that it delayed the spoilage of foods and that is reduced the symptoms of illness. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” used silver and instructed that it promoted tissue repair and was a notable topical aid. In the days before refrigeration, farmers tossed a silver coin in a bucket of milk to preserve it. Chemist put silver dimes in Petri dishes to sterilize them. For many years it had been common practice to place silver wires and threads around infected wounds that refused to heal.

The Solution: ACS 200 (Advanced Cellular Silver)

All colloidal silvers are not the same. Most manufacturers of colloidal silver dodge the subject of actual efficacy, spending time and focus explaining their ”high tech” manufacturing process, debating particle size, particle energy, color of fluid etc. Proven product performance, i.e. safety and efficacy are truly where the rubber meets the road. ACS 200 provides proven bacterial kill time and FDA protocol toxicology studies from certified independent 3rd party labs. Formulated for health care practitioners exclusively, RESULTS RNA ACS 200 is the most carefully researched and scientifically tested medical grade colloidal silver formula available today. As shown from independently derived studies, ACS 200 has been proven capable of rapidly killing an enormous array of disease causing organisms-literally oxidizing the cell wall of gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as naked virus, and all without damaging human tissue.

Safety and Efficacy by Dr. Garry Gordon

There is no colloidal silver product on the market today more carefully researched for safety or efficacy. Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200 represents a major advancement in medical use silver technology and is truly unique. ACS 200 is an extremely powerful and effective, yet safe formula which can be prescribed to engage the serious immune challenges we as physicians face every day.

Safety: An FDA protocol oral-toxicity (LD 50) study was conducted by Pacific BioLabs in Hercules, CA. Using mega doses of ACS 200 (5000 mg ACS 200 per 1 kilogram murine weight) there were NO MORTALITIES OR TOXIC SIGNS OBSERVED in any of the rats tested. Note: Typical LD 50 testing BEGINS using 2000 mG/kg. At 2 ½ times this dosage, not only were there ”no mortalities or toxic signs observed”, but the rats actually gained healthy weight during the 2 week observation period. Considering the POWER this formula provides in eliminating pathogens, the safety factor is truly remarkable. The full independent acute oral toxicity report is available under ORAL TOXICITY REPORT on Results in click through and printable form.

Efficacy: Independent Kill Time studies have been performed at the microbiolog

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Warning: If an allergic reaction occurs discontinue use. If you are allergic to any ingredients listed or you are pregnant or breast feeding consult your physician prior to taking this supplement.

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